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Past Events

Mini-Course on Pedagogy of Hindi as a Second Language
for teachers using Hindi Ki Duniya 3 & 4 
(Wednesday, February 17th to Saturday, February 20th 2016)

This mini-course aims at developing teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical repertoire for teaching Hindi effectively to non-Hindi speaking learners using the Hindi ki Duniya 3 & 4 books.

Course Content:
All the modules are based on the textbooks, workbooks, audio CD, flash-cards and other games contained in Hindi Ki Duniya 3 & 4. The course will begin with an orientation to these teaching-learning materials and the teaching-learning principles underlying them. Each module will then focus on specific aspects of second language teaching.

Module 1: Developing comprehension and active vocabulary.

  • Effective use of a variety of texts and activities: dialogues, songs, stories and games.
  • Multiple strategies for developing listening comprehension
  • Introducing, conducting and managing activities in the classroom

Module 2: Developing listening and reading skills

  • How to encourage reading with comprehension
  • Strategies for actively checking listening comprehension skills
  • Helping children become enthusiastic readers in Hindi

Module 3: Hindi ‘grammar in use’ – I

  • Communicating to students the role of verbs, prepositions, gender-based modifications in forming correct sentence structures.
  • Techniques for helping students practice the above in an enjoyable manner.

Module 4: Hindi ‘grammar in use’ – II

  • Techniques for teaching the use of present, future and past tenses in speaking and writing.
  • Repertoire of activities for practising the above.

Module 5: Enabling students to express themselves in speaking and writing

  • Guided conversations and guided writing
  • Developing free writing abilities
  • Relating language to real life

Module 6: Correction and Feedback

  • Strategies of correcting student’s work
  • Role of feedback and ways of giving effective feedback

After completing this course, teachers will gain tools for developing the language base of their students, which will enable them to handle standard tests and (in due course) the course materials and exams in Hindi as a Second Language for both ICSE and CBSE boards.
Resource Person:
Dr. Chandrika Mathur, author of Hindi ki Duniya 1-5 and experienced teacher educator.

Rishi Valley School, Rishi Valley, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.