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The need for modern teaching-learning approaches for teaching Hindi to young non-native learners has long been felt by many schools in South and North-East India as well as among the Indian diaspora. Despite this need felt on the ground ‘Teaching Hindi as a New Language to Children’ has not been a particularly vibrant area of research or publication. In this section we bring together the various articles that Dr. Chandrika Mathur has written in this field.  We would welcome suggestions for linking other articles that exist on the net or otherwise on this broad theme. Our hope is that this section will become the seedbed for future research and publication in the as yet nascent field of ‘Teaching Hindi as a New Language to Children’. 

Articles in Hindi
01-Reading Aloud
02-Games in the Language Classroom

Articles in English
01-Pre-reading and Early Reading Experiences (2006)
02-Role of Activities (2006)
03-Early Experiences in Writing (2006)
04-Profiles of Two Kinds of Learners in Hindi Classroom (2006)
05-Games in the Language Classroom (2006)
06-Considerations in Developing a Curriculum and Pedagogy - Translation (2008)
07-My Personal Approach to Teaching Languages (2009)
08-Stages and processes in a creative project

In other publications
01-Article published in the Journal of Krishnamurti Schools (2001)(English)
02-Article published in Teacher Plus (2007) (English)
03-Article published in Gaveshna (Hindi)