Kitchen Chronicles - Proso Millet & Rice Pongal

This Pongal is very popular in Rishi Valley menu. Ingredients and quantity are as below.

Proso Millet
Moong Dal
Ginger (grated)
Green Chilli (sliced)
Pepper (roughly pounded)
Cashew Nut (splitted)
Kadi patha
Turmeric powder
Asafoetida (Hing)

Qty (for 600)
20 Kgs
10 Kgs
10 Kgs
750 Gms
500 Gms
200 Gms
2 Kg
2 bundles
200 Gms
100 Gms
2 Kgs
5 Kgs
50 Gms

Qty (for 10)
800 Gms
200 Gms
200 Gms
75 Gms
20 Gms
15 Gms
50 Gms
As required
50 Gms
10 Gms
200 Gms
400 Gms
5 Gms

Soak Millet, Rice & Moong dal seperately. Boil 120 ltrs of water (1:3). Add Moong dal to the fully boiled water followed by Millet & Rice in 5 minutes gap and boil all further 10 minutes. Add salt and boil the Pongal till 75% cooked.

Keep another kadai on the stove, heat oil, add jeera, followed by pepper, cashew nut, kadipatha, green chilli, ginger, hing, turmeric powder. Pour over the Pongal. Reduce the flame and add ghee on top of the Pongal. Cover with lid, further cook for 10 minutes in slow fire.

Our combination/or side dish for Pongal is Bringal Kostu. Recipe for Brinjal Kostu is as follows. Broil and grind to paste:

Bengal gram dal (Chana dal)
Red chillies

300 Grm
400 Grm
300 Grm
500 Grm

Other Ingredients:
Brinjal (medium size – Cut 8 pcs)
Toor dal (Boiled and smashed)
Tomatto (Choped)
Green Chilli (Paste)
Red Chillies

15 kgs
10 Kgs
6 Kgs
100 Gms
150 Gms
1 Bundle
20 Grm

Heat oil, crackle mustard, then add half of the Kadipatha and Red chillies. Add Brinjal, roast well, then add tomato, green chilli paste and grinded masala. Roast till oil floats on top. Add smashed dal, salt, balance kadipatha and hot water. Boil for 10 minutes or till the gravy is thick. Add chopped Coriander.

This Vegetable dish is made without onion and garlic.

Hareendran A K
Dining Hall Manager