Kitchen Chronicles - Proso Millet Payasam

Proso Millet is grown in our Estate. This payasam is very tasty and healthy. 

Palm Jaggery
Condensed Milk
Cashew Nut
Cardamom (powder)
Dry Ginger (powder)
Coconut (grated for milk)

Qty (for 600)
9 Kgs
7 Kgs
2 Kgs
4 Kgs
3 Kgs
1 Kg
1 Kg
50 Gms
50 Gms
80 Nos

Qty (for 10)
200 Gms
150 Gms
50 Gms
1 Small tin
50 Gms
15 Gms
15 Gms
1 Tsp (5 gm)
1 Tsp (5 gm)
1 No

Coconut Milk Portions to keep aside: 1st – 10 ltr; 2nd - 15 ltr; 3rd – 35 ltr.

Soak the millets in water for one hour. Remove and strain. Roast in half of the ghee. When roasted 75%, cook in coconut extract (3rd milk). Grate both type of Jaggery together, add 5 ltr water, boil, strain and pour over the boiling millet. Stir till the Payasam is thick and millet is fully cooked. Add the second extract of coconut milk, stir continuously and add condensed milk, reduce the flame and stir for 5 minitues. Add the first extract of coconut milk and switch off the stove. In a small kadai, boil the balance ghee, add cashew nut and raisins, roast for a while, pour over the payasam and add cardomom and dry ginger powder.

Hareendran A K
Dining Hall Manager