Kitchen Chronicles - Mushroom Curry (with sprouted green gram)

This was the second popular dish in our Special Dinner on 28 July 18. Find below the recipe for 600 persons as well as for 10 persons.

Mushroom (cut 4 pcs)
Sprouted GreenGram
Choped Onions
Grated Fresh Coconut
Green Chilli Paste
Coriander Powder
Turmaric Powder
Pepper Powder
Cinnamon (Crushed)

At School
30 Kgs
5 Kgs
13 Kgs
10 Nos
100 Gms
400 Gms
50 Gms
250 Gms
40 Gms
One ltr
As needed

For 10
500 gm
200 gm
250 gm
10 gm
30 gm
10 gm
15 gm
One Pc
15 gm
As needed

Steam the sprouts (do not overcook). Keep kadai on the stove and add oil. When the oil is hot put crushed cinnamon pcs. Add chopped onions, garlic, and green chili paste. Roast well till the color of the onion changes to brown. Add coriander powder and turmeric powder. Roast till the raw smell of coriander goes off. Add cleaned, washed mushrooms and roast till dries up. Add steamed green gram sprouts, grated coconut, pepper powder, and salt. Mix well and sprinkle chopped fresh coriander.

In Rishi Valley we use Organic Coriander which is grown in Veg Garden and in Estate.

Hareendran A K
Dining Hall Manager