Kitchen Chronicles - Foxtail Millet Kesari

Here is another millet recipe from our Kitchen - Foxtail Millet Kesari.

Foxtail Millet Rawa
Palm Jaggery
Cashew nut (Splited)
Raw Campher
Cardamom Powder

Qty (for 600)
12 Kgs
10 Kgs
4 Kgs
6 Kgs
1.5 Kgs
1.4 Kgs
3 nos
25 Gms
50 Gms

Qty (for 10)
200 gms
200 gms
50 gms
100 gms
10 gms
10 gms
A little
One pinch
3 gms

Boil 24 ltr of water. Dilute jaggery in 6 ltr of water and boil (total water will be 30 ltrs). Strain the liquid and keep separate. Roast rawa in 4 kg of ghee. When fully roasted and good fragance of rawa comes, add 24 ltr of water. Reduce the flame of the stove and mix well. Add jaggery liquid and again mix. Boil balance 2 kg of ghee, add cashew nut and raisins and pour over to the kesari. Add grated nutmug, raw campher and cardamom powder. Mix well and enjoy the tasty and healthy Kesari from Rishi Valley Menu.

Hareendran A K
Dining Hall Manager