Multiple Editions of The School in a Box: 
An Historical Perspective

RishiValleySchool in a Box, first edition, in Telugu. Language Kit for Class I-V and Math Kit for Class I-III, with teaching aids and Ladder of Learning. Designed and developed by RIVER team. Field-tested for five years in Rishi Valley Satellite Schools. Published 1993.

Nalli Kalli Kannada Education Kit for Class I-II. Adapted from School in a Box.Designed by Heggada Devana Kote Resource team,in collaboration with RIVER team.

North Arcot Tamil Education Kit for Class I-II. Adapted from School in a Box jointly designed by Arivole Ayakkkam resource group and RIVER team for use in North Arcot District, TN.

Ananda Lahari Education Kit adapted from School in a Box. Class I-II for Math, EVS and Telugu (local dialect). Designed by resource teamfrom
Integrated Tribal Development Agency, in collaboration with RIVER team.

Malayalam Education Kitadapted from School in a Box Class I-II. Designed by teachers and Resource persons from DPEP Kerala in collaborationwith RIVER team.

Auroville Tarnil Education Kit.Adapted from School in a Box by Isai Ambalam School of Auroville TN, in collaboration with RIVER team.

Apna Path Pitara (Math and EVS). Hindi version of Math and EVS components of School in a Boxtranslated by RIVER resource team.

Prototype for School in a Box2nd edition. Designed by RIVER team in 1998. Includes Telugu materials for Language, Math and EVS. Class I-IV. Refined in 1999 after field-testing in Rishi Valley Satellite Schools and Samskar Schools, Nizamabad.

Rishi Valley School in aBox 2ndedn (Class I-II only). Multicoloured edition published by Rishi Valley Education Centre.

DPEP Telugu Education Kit. Prototype for Class Ill-IV. Adapted from School in a Box for AP Alternative Schools by Andhra Pradesh Resource Team including resource persons from SCERT, DPEP, several DIETS, ITDA Paderu and Rampachodavaram, in collaboration with RIVER team.

DPEP Hindi Education Kit. Prototype for Class l-Il. Adapted from School in a Box 2nd edn into local-specific form for alternative schools in Lakhimpur Kheri and Sonbadra Districts UP. Designed by Resource persons from DPEP Uttar Pradesh n collaboration with RIVER team.

Apna Path Pitara, Rishi Valley Hindi version ofSchool in a Box2nd edn (Class land II). Designed by RIVER team, with original contributions from specially commissioned children's writers.

Tamil Education Kit adapted from School in a Box, 2nd edition. Designed by State Resource Persons of Joyful learning programme, ResourcePersons from Salem and Chennai Corporation schools, DIET faculty Pondicherry, Isai Ambalam and Village action group in collaboration with RIVER.

DPEP Telugu multi-grade materials adapted from Schoolin a Box for the formal Schools by resource persons from SPO DPEP, SCERT, Krishna, Godavari & Chittoor districts, several DIETS, Dr. Reddy`s Foundation, ITDA Paderu and Rampachodavaram, in collaboration with RIVER team.

In collaboration with educationists & development workers from southern Ethiopia, and a grant from Presbyterian Church Groups and leadership of the EREP project in USA,the RIVER team designed The School in a Box – Levels I&2 in the Oromo language for use in Ethiopia.

With support from UNICEF INDIA built the capacity of "school excellence program" teachers coaches and other project staff in designing and developing a complete pack including 'Support Pack' for slow learners, both for use in the Mumbaimunicipal corporation schools

In collaboration with the district & state resource groups of Uttarakhanddesigned & published School in a Box in Hindi for grades III to V for Uttarakhand State schools. The project was supported by PLAN INDIA.