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Material in Telugu

The material for each class consists of booklets and accompanying workbooks on different topics for classes 6 and 7. The material is divided into two levels. Each level has 7 or 8 units and can be covered in half the school year. The units are organized so that there is a gradual increase in complexity, both in content as well as in skills at each of the four levels in classes six and seven.

Class 6 (LEVEL 1)

Leaves Around Us (Text | Workbook)

Stems and Roots (Text | Workbook)

Flowers, Fruits and Seeds (Text | Workbook)

The Living World (Text | Workbook)

Magnetic Attractions (Text | Workbook)

Materials Around Us (Text | WorkbookGame)

Measurement (Text | Workbook)

Class 6 (LEVEL 2)

Mixing and Separating (Text | Workbook)

Solids, Liquids, Gases (Text | Workbook)

Soil (Text | Workbook)

Electric Circuits (Text | Workbook)

Light and Shadow (Text | Workbook)

Animals (Text | Workbook)

Habitats (Text | Workbook)

Class 7 (LEVEL 3)

Chemical Changes (Text | Workbook)

Acids and Bases (Text | Workbook)

Electricity at Work (Text | Workbook)

Reflection in Mirrors (Text | Workbook)

Magnifiers (Text | Workbook)

Properties of Water (Text | Workbook)

Using Water (Text | Workbook)

Class 7 (LEVEL 3)

Making Sounds (Text | Workbook)

The Human Body (Text | Workbook)

Food and Nutrition (Text | WorkbookGame)

Movement (Text | Workbook)

Respiration (Text | Workbook)

Circulation and Excretion (Text | Workbook)

Heat (Text | Workbook)

Air and Wind (Text | Workbook)