The Rishi Valley Dairy meets the daily milk requirements of the school. It is considered one of the finest in Andhra Pradesh and has won several prizes. Over the years, it has participated actively along with the Animal Husbandry Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh in improving the neighbourhood livestock. The department considers the Holstein Friesian hybrids of sufficient quality to buy all the bull calves for improving the stock of cattle in the state.

There are 74 cows in the dairy, with 42 heifers and calves. The average production of milk per day is 560 litres. Ten acres of land are given over to growing grasses of various kinds for their feed.

At present, we are attempting to gain expertise in the preservation and improvement of domesticated native species of draft animals. We are concentrating on the famed Ongole, whose population is dwindling. Our herd that began with six cows imported from the coastal region of A.P. presently numbers 14; the oxen are much admired by the local people.