Class 9 Winter Holiday Home Work


Check these suggestions for reading.

Sita Akka


Details of your homework: Download.

Nirmala Akka (for 9B)


Dear Students,

Download your homework. I hope this serves as a comprehensive review of syllabus covered in the last term. Do not worry if some doubts arise, do mark them and we will discuss and thrash it out on your return to the valley.

These are a copy of the two test that you wrote last term. For your reference only. Test 1 | Test 2

Please explore these links for good viewing of Science

1) Heat energy to Motion/Electricity

2) PSSC videos on Heat Energy

3) Go Experimental

4) Numberphile

5) Periodic Videos (Chemistry)

6) RI channel

7) Christmas Lectures

You can start this series with these set of three on Materials

Best wishes, Sai 


For the Term break the following work activities have been recommended:

  1. Review Chemistry Workbook: Review and completion chapters up to current level (Atomic Theory).
    Download Part 1 | Download Part 2 | Download Part 3

  2. Read and review Chapter 8 (Atmospheric Pollution). Download Chapter.
    Complete exercise (8 questions). Please write a 2 page report of pollution issues your city is facing.

Here is the solution sheet for the end of term test.



If you did not carry your textbook, here is a scan of the exercises you should complete.

Here are some challenging problems you should try to solve: Download.

Anushka Akka

Computer Applications

Re-design Reading Club, Restaurant Menu, Saturday Movie Poster and Personal Profile documents.
Here are the files you can refer to: Review Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast design rules.
And guidelines for: Reading Club Communication, Restaurant Menu Design Improvement
You can use MS Office, Pages, Open Office or Google Docs. Try available templates in these too.

Re-do Google Trends project. Settle on a topic you find particularly interesting.
Use Google Trends and present a story in three slides.
Describe what terms you compared, what the chart is showing.
And a story or explanation of why the trend you described might have happened.
You can refer to the classroom slides if required.
And here’s an interesting project done using Google Trends data.

Download the Class Data Tracker sheet: CSV | ODS | XLSX.
Clean the data. Create summary tables as you need.
You can use this guide to create the data story. This worksheet too helps.
There is a rubric too in the worksheet if you want to take feedback from a cousin/family member.

Some tools you can try for creating good presentations:
Apple Keynote, MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Haiku Deck, Zoho Show.

Please email PDF copies of your work to
Send them in a ZIP file after ensuring all these files are available:
Reading Club, Menu, Movie Poster, Personal Profile, Trends Deck, Class Data Deck.

Happy holidays,
Ranjit & Rajesh


Pick a data-set from here.
Record a most-promising or interesting visualization that shows a trend, pattern, or relationship.
Use 4 to 5 slides to capture the visualization and your story or explanation. 
Refer to the classroom slides if required.

You can review the Data Viz Assessment solution key once.

Mathematics Club Next Term

Dear Students of Class 9,

You are invited to be a part of the Mathematics and or Physics Club next term since we are planning to take part in CMI tessellate examination in January next year. All students are urged to join. There are no prerequisites other than sincerity and hard work. We are hoping that the students of Class 9 will participate in bigger numbers next term since very significant and encouraging  progress was made the students of the club last term.  

You can get more information on CMI tessellate here, a lot seems to be happening (note the examination and syllabus  is separate for Physics and Mathematics): (the students and faculty of CMI lectures being held in Chennai and being attended by school students (8,9,10) are available on Youtube) 

We are providing links to the record of work done last term so that, 

a) Students already attending the club can finish the problems that could not be completed during the term. Do mark those which you discuss in the club on your return for the next term. 
b) and Students who wish to join next term can finish the necessary ground work during the holidays. And do mark the problems that need to be discussed on your return to the school. 

Math Circ 1 | Math Circ 2 | Math Circ 3 | Math Circ 4 | Math Circ 5 | Math Circ 6 | Math Circ 7 | Math Circ 8 | Math Circ 9 | Math Circ 10 | Math Circ 11 | Math Circ 12 | Math Circ 13 | Math Circ 1p | Math Circ 2p | Math Circ 3p | Math Circ 4p

Next term we will continue with Geometry and Number theory and also start Combinatorics and Algebra. 
You can also try to procure a copy of the following books if possible during the vacation (mainly the first one)


Repeat, please go through the documents in chronological order that will give you a clear idea of the work done last term and a special note to both Old and New prospective students: Pay special attention to mathcirc5.pdf (introduction to Geometry-2) that introduces Inequalities in Geometry in a systematic way, We were not able to develop this important theme last term and we have a clear plan to make some serious inroads into the very important topic of Geometric and Algebraic Inequalities in the upcoming term. 

best wishes, from the Mathematics and Physics teachers@RV. 


For any issues accessing the links or worksheets, mention your contact details and post them in this form.