Class 12 Winter Holiday Home Work


You will answer a 3 hrs Closed book Model test paper).
The Question Paper will be available here on the morning of November 16, 2018.

1. Before the test date, complete your reading of the chapters covered in class
(including self study material in these chapters - 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13).
2. Closed book and Closed notes test. Time: 3 hrs ONLY (No breaks in between)
4. Honest rendering of test with discipline and integrity expected.
5. No rechecking of paper after completion of 3 hrs.
6. Answer sheet to be submitted to subject teacher for correction (in staff room) on the day of arrival to school in November.
7. All the Best.

Additional reading assignment from class XII text book (syllabus only):
Chapter 5 (Surface chemistry), Chapters 6, 7, 8 (in Inorganic chemistry) and chapter 14, 15, 16 (in Organic chemistry).

All students are also expected to complete their Chemistry project reports during term break and submit by Nov 23rd morning 10 am in staff room. They should be hand written. Do a spell and grammar check on your own prior to submission.

R. Harikrishnan

Computer Science

Complete the six worksheets on Boolean Algebra and Digital Circuits.
Review/modify your Lab Record if you tried any new programs.
Come prepared for the Series 1 exam.

Come rested,

Mathematics and Science Club Next Term

We will be spending time immediately on you return to the valley on developing and hopefully also honing problem solving skills in both Mathematics and Physics. We hope a large number of students will attend these sessions, the only prerequisites are sincerity and hard work. Quality Universities (like ISI and CMI) will expect these skills. 

1) For this we will focus on topics chosen in Algebra (mainly polynomials also sometimes referred to as the theory of equations), Number theory, Combinatorics (with introductory graph theory), Geometry and Calculus (especially Continuity and Inequalities) and Probability. For Physics we focus on Olympiad level problems chosen from Russia (books of Krotov, Irodov), USA  (USAPHO) and Britain  (BPhO) (You can google it).

2) In addition to the topics there are some standard problems solving ideas that need to be understood and mastered through constant practice. For example we have in mind topics like the Use of Parity, Pigeon Hole Principle, Induction, Recursion, Symmetry, Invariants, use of graph theory, proof by contradiction, analysis of extremals and deviations. 

3) You can refer to and if possible procure these highly recommended books to start your journey in developing these problem solving skills, (the first one is particularly easy to procure is a must "quickly read") 
b)                                 c)
The following book is highly rated by some of the best Mathematics problem solvers of the world and will require more effort but also deals with all the important topics of Calculus required for Class XI and Class XII 

Also, the worksheets in Number theory and Geometry that we did last term in the Math Club  (note that Geometry is important for both ISI and CMI) have a good number of "warm up" problems for you and these have direct relevance to the problems you can expect in these examinations.

Math Circ 1 | Math Circ 2 | Math Circ 3 | Math Circ 4 | Math Circ 5 | Math Circ 6 | Math Circ 7 | Math Circ 8 | Math Circ 9 | Math Circ 10 | Math Circ 11 | Math Circ 12 | Math Circ 13 | Math Circ 1p | Math Circ 2p | Math Circ 3p | Math Circ 4p

We recommend that you solve nearly all and "mark" those problems that you will need help on returning to the school. We can then try and solve it together in the class. 

Finally, the Ted-Talk on the importance of Mathematics by the French Mathematician Cedric Villani, Fields medalist in 2010 is interesting,

 with best wishes, Math and Science teachers@RV


For any issues accessing the links or worksheets, mention your contact details and post them in this form.