Class 8 Summer Holiday Home Work


Here is a compilation of suggested readings:  Download List

Here is a link if you wish to explore more genres. Open

I hope you enjoy exploring different worlds and become literary crusaders in  your own right. 
Hoping to hear your thoughts on the various books.
Perhaps, they might inspire you to tell us some of your own.

Happy holidays,


Here is the Hindi Homework for Ramola Sir and Joshi Sir's group. Download


We hope you enjoyed Maths this year and are having a fun vacation.

Maths Holiday Homework (Required)

The problems are divided into Levels 1 (basic core concepts) and 2 (a little more challenging). Please work on both levels. Do this homework yourself even if you find a problem difficult. There is value in grappling with a problem and trying different approaches. Your homework will be corrected when you return to RV.


Maths Class & Prep Worksheets

These are the worksheets you were given this year. They are being provided as a reference in case you want to revisit any specific topic.
To save on paper, please avoid printing the entire document. It may be better to view it online or print only specific pages if required.


Maths List of Topics Covered

This is a detailed list of the topics we covered this year. It will help you review which concepts you are comfortable with and where you may need extra practice.

Aniket's Classes       Sid's Classes

Maths Puzzles & Resources (all these are optional)

For those of you who want to revise topics via video instruction, try Khan academy:

Below are two websites that have advanced problems & material.

Website designed for students who want Olympiad style problems & material.

Very challenging mathematical problems that require some computer programming. 

Finally, here are 5 small puzzles you may enjoy.

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As you may be aware, the topics we covered in Class 8 Geography are part of Class 9 ICSE syllabus. To enable you to revise the concepts studied in Class 8, I have compiled a set of questions which you could try out in this vacation.

Download Questions Document



Here are the details of the Project Work you should initiate during the holidays.

Download Project Details

Deshpande V S 


Here is the homework worksheet from Sreevani Akka - Download

And here is the homework worksheet from Uttara Akka - Download


At the beginning of the year, we had discussed scales within biology.
The following interactive would be a fun way to compare scales of everyday objects - Interactive

Here is the reference material to revise topics covered this year.

Classification of living organisms - Download
Food chains, food webs and energy flow - Download
Parts of the flower and pollination - Download
Plant nutrition - photosynthesis - Download

Please note that these documents contain additional information and you need not know all the details given here as long as you revise the content covered in the class.

Here are some exercise questions that are based on these chapters. You can answer any two of them for each topic. The chapters and questions are from the textbook we have used as a reference book. Download Exercise Questions

You can find the videos we used for animal kingdom unit here (go to video). You can also find additional information here.

Apart from these do check out following videos for exciting concepts which we could not cover in the class.
These videos are produced by channels that have a lot of interesting videos that you may wish to explore as well. Enjoy! 
Video1    Video2    Video3    Video4   Video5

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