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In-house activities

The Rishi Valley Institute of Teacher Education contributes to the induction of new teachers into the philosophy and practices of the school.  Its faculty also participate in facilitating the on-going learning of teachers.

Teacher Development

Teacher development at Rishi Valley includes:

  • Orientation sessions at the beginning of an academic year
  • A series of workshops on selected pedagogical themes, once a term
  • Mentoring new teachers

Teacher's Forum

This is a platform that aims at the enrichment of teachers' knowledge and perspectives. It could take the form of:

  • presenting and discussing contemporary educational issues
  • sharing of resources and good practices by teachers
  • reading an education-related text and discussing

Library of Educational Resources

A library of educational resources houses books and other resources for teachers and teacher-educators is being developed. We are in the process of building up a collection of:

  • Books on education, teaching and learning
  • Textbooks and curricular material of high quality
  • A set of audio-visual resources for teachers and teacher educators
  • Documentation of good practices and resources for teachers


In-house activities
Out reach programmes
 • Pedagogy of Hindi
    – The Hindi Ki Duniya Series
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The Exploring Science Series
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    – The material in Telugu
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