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All programmes are patient participatory, with the patients paying a nominal sum for all services provided.

Subsidy on the cost / complete waiver is given depending on the need of the individual patient.


Illustration 5: Patients at the RHC

General Outpatient:

About 16000 patients access the services of the RHC annually.

Patients pay a nominal sum for consultation. A sliding scale of charges based on the reported annual income (verified from the ration card) is collected from the patients.


Patients at the RHC

The RHC, diagnoses and treats, or suggests treatment options, to an entire gamut of diseases from common colds to cancers.

Diseases due to Malnutrition, Poor hygiene, Overcrowding are most common.

Non communicable diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension make for 30 - 40% of the Outpatient load. This is surprising in a rural population where conventional risk factors for the development of these diseases do not exist.

Eye Care:


Venkatesh - Optometrist at work

An optometrist with a full range of ophthalmic equipment provides for the diagnosis and treatment of all common ophthalmic ailments.

About 800 patients are screened annually, of which about 100 need cataract surgeries. Cataract and other surgeries are done by an ophthalmologist at Madanapalle. Cataract surgeries, which cost Rs 1800/- (including intraocular lens) are done free of cost to the patient. The remaining patients are either prescribed glasses or given ocular medicines as the case may be.

Maternal Health:

Aimed at increasing birth weight, reducing maternal mortality and morbidity be ensuring regular antenatal visits, institutional deliveries and Nutritional supplementation, this programme has seen some notable successes.

30 – 40 pregnant women are taken care of yearly. The average birth weight has seen an increase from 2 kg to about 2.8 kg with a low Infant and Maternal Mortality. Institutional deliveries are encouraged not only because it is safer but also as the mother gets a conditional cash transfer under the Janani Surkasha Yojana (JSY)


The programme, in conjunction with RNTCP - DOTS aims at providing comprehensive management of this disease.

About 40 patients are diagnosed with Tuberculosis annually. Once diagnosed, patients are referred to the nearest DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment) Centre of the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP).

The RHC mainly treats patients with Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDRTB), Paediatric TB and those in whom there has been a failure of treatment. The RHC is also a Designated Microscopy Centre for the RNTCP.

Since July 2010, the RHC has been doing Rapid Cultures for Tuberculosis Bacteria. This method was pioneered by the late Dr N Veeraraghavan. With this, results are available in 72 hours, as opposed to the conventional 06 weeks.

Old Age:


An old lady

The centre treats about 1000 marginalised elderly and destitute people annually providing free/subsidised investigations and treatment. In some cases the RHC even provides transport support to the destitute.

Under 15s Clinic:

This programme provides subsidised treatment and diagnostics to the children of 10 mandals. About 2000 children benefit annually from this programme.


Children at the RHC

Dental Care: Starting January 2011, a visiting dentist from Madanapalle, comes once a week on Saturdays to provide Dental services at the RHC. The dental equipment (chair, compressor, X ray) was donated by Dr Meena Desai, a long standing well wisher of the RHC.


Dr Kalpana - Dental Surgeon

Secondary/Tertiary Care: Those patient who require advanced care are referred to one of the following:

      1. Under the Andhra Pradesh Government Arogyashri Health Insurance Scheme to Government Hospital Madanapalle, SVRR General Hospital Tirupati or SVIMS Super Speciality Hospital Tirupati;

      2. Private Practitioners in Madanapalle:

        1. Dr Shobha Naveen, SILOAM Eye Centre for Ophthalmology

        2. Dr K Naveen, SILOAM Orthopaedic Centre for Orthopaedics

        3. Dr T Naveen, Popular Nursing Home for General Surgery

        4. Dr Prasad Guptha. Guptha Nursing Home for Paediatrics

        5. Dr Asha Neerja, Usha Hopsital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology

        6. Dr Vishnu Swarup Reddy, Sonologist for Ultrasound

      3. St Johns Medical College, Bengaluru for all those patients who can not be treated at the secondary level. The RHC has an MOU with SJMCH, for paediatric patients referred from here. The bills come to the RHC directly for settlement

Pharmacy: The RHC stocks only generic medicines. Most of the medicines are supplied by Low Cost Standard Therapeutics (www.locostindia.com) Vadodra, which makes excellent medicines at very reasonable rates.

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