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The Annual KFI Gathering, 2016

The Annual Gathering of the Krishnamurti Foundation India was held at Rishi Valley from November 20th to 23rd, 2016. The theme of the gathering was ‘Living Responsibly in Today’s World’.  The letter of invitation sent to participants set out the context for this gathering as follows:

‘Responsibility’ is a notion that Krishnamurti often invoked, even as he exhorted his listeners to ‘observe’ the state of the world and ‘respond’ to the human condition as well as to ‘nature’. He saw responsibility for oneself in relationship as being in continuum with responsibility for society and for nature and the environment. He often spoke about the need to feel a sense of ‘total responsibility’. The urgency of understanding and acting on these insights in our daily lives, of living responsibly, has never been greater than it is in today’s world.

The gathering was attended by around two hundred and fifty persons, young and old. The proceedings were initiated on the first day with a welcome address by Mr Kandaswamy, Secretary, KFI. There were three invited speakers—Chidanandji, Aparna Rajagopal and Samdong Rinpoche— who spoke during the mornings on each of the first three days. Each of them explored different aspects of the theme from their own vantage. The talks were followed by questions and answers. Small group discussions were conducted on each of the first three days, with short passages from Krishnamurti as stimulus material for the discussion. On the third day, Vedanth Bharadwaj, an alumnus of Rishi Valley School, sang stirring bhajans to the accompaniment of his banjo and guitar.  On the final day, there was a concluding talk by Shailesh Shirali, which highlighted and brought together the different strands that had emerged during the gathering. Apart from the above interactions, there were two audio-visual viewings of Krishnamurti addressing varied audiences (one in Chennai, in 1980, and the other at the United Nations, in 1985), and one audio-visual viewing of Krishnmurti in discussion with adults in Ojai.

You can click on the given links to download and listen to the complete audio recordings of the talks along with question-answers.

Shri Kandaswamy – welcome address

Chidanandji – talk and questions-answers

Aparna Rajagopal – talk and questions-answers

Samdong Rinpoche – talk and questions-answers

Shailesh Shirali – concluding talk

An audio-recording of Vedanth Bharadwaj’s concert can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Vedanth Bhradwaj - bhajans

You can click on the links below to read brief summaries of the talks on each day.

Talks – brief summary